Where is Jayphen?


The sound of ice cubes clinking against eachother in a glass of whisky

Let me tell you a story.

The story begins about 0 seconds ago.You pressed some squares on a rectangle, you clicked a mechanical button, or you tapped on a slab of glass, and you wound up here.

I have about 25% of your attention. You're thinking about checking Facebook again, what's new on Twitter, who is having fish curry for lunch again or maybe the growing pile of work on your desk.

According to KissMetrics,The average time on site for an average website is 190.4 seconds.We suck at multi-tasking. Cognitive overload is stressing us out and making us dumber. We're better off smoking some weed or staying up all night than having Tweetdeck open on a second monitor.

You want to get in, do the job and get out as quickly as possible.

Every human visiting your website is blazed, busy, and brainless.

Design is about solving problems. Our friend Jason Fried once said, "the design is done when the problem goes away." Good design starts not in Photoshop, not on paper, and not even in the eye of the designer. Good design starts in a maze in the mind of the user. It is a designer's job to step in to that maze and to find a way out.

The secret world of Alex Mack

The human squints at the glowing rectangle before her.

A gaggle of designers creeps up behind her chair, careful not to disturb her. They watch her brow furrow as she considers the sign-up form. Her cursor hovers over the word ‘free’, and then darts to a small iconographic representation of the Australian flag. The gaggle inhales. Clicking it, she is teleported to a page that appears to consist solely of country names and flags.

Paypal's languages page

As she clicks on Guadeloupe, each member of the gaggle slowly falls to their knees before melting in to a pool of shimmering silver liquid.

This isn't the end of the story, of course. The designers resolidify in an adjacent room and record their observations from the session. Product design is a constant learning experience and a continual improvement loop.

I design & write code

In the past 9 years, I've worked for a few businesses and I've started my own. I've helped a few startups realise their ideas for products that would not have existed were it not for their vision and perseverance.

Over those years I've worked hard to improve my own skills in research, interface design, development, communication and human comprehension. A large part of product design is understanding the user's desires, needs, expectations and distractions.

Working with startups involves significant cross-skilling due to the smaller teams. My skills range from UX design and research to visual and interaction design; front-end development (with vim!) to deployment & Linux server administration.

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