Day two with the Advantage 360 split keyboard

Jan 2024

I spent the entire day working and only used the Advantage 360. I was able to engage in my usual amount of rants, albeit at a slower pace. I even wrote a little bit of code, which is quite a different experience given that the brackets are not where I am used to them being. I think I will map esc to the thumb cluster, as it would make using vim even more pleasurable than it always has been.

Using the keyboard is still painful, but more like when you have a mild sunburn and a shirt that has a tag on the inside that rubs against you so you cut it off but then there is just a little spiky stub that lives only to ruin your shirt wearing experience. So not that bad.


Right now while I am getting used to the keyboard I have not remapped much from the default. I of course banished caps lock to the lower row on the left side, and put esc where caps lock was. I've also mapped the top row of the thumb clusters to cmd, ctrl, ctrl, cmd from left to right. I'm still deciding where alt shall live.

I also have macro-mapped the 4 shortcut/hotkey to cmd-ctrl-c, which is my shortcut to hide and show the Raycast clipboard history, which I use a lot.

I haven't even messed with the different layers yet, but I imagine I will probably make a programming/vim specific layer. The keyboard supports 9 layers, each of which has the standard layer plus a "keypad" layer toggle, and a "fn" layer. All of these can have different mappings and macros.


  • sudomatrix has some interesting suggestions here on reddit for how to efficiently map the home row to arrow key navigation when in kp mode. This could be useful for surfing the old internet and cruising around web pages. I probably don't need this for programming though because I am a vim genius.
  • keybr again is a great way to get faster at typing. I am now up to 51wpm, 91% accuracy. I'm aiming for 110wpm at least.